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Here are a few of my not-so-secret-secret to organize life as a full-time student AND mom. You can do this, mama!

Being organized is the only reason I am surviving my course load right now! The main reason I am about to graduate at 29 instead of 21 like a normal person is that I was unbelievably unorganized. And immature. Annnnd I was busier with more important things at that age, of course.

Most people think that being a stay at home parent means you just have this overabundance of time on your hands. HA. Any other SAHM’s that know that’s the biggest myth ever?! Get ready to take notes, you’re about to be an organized full-time student and mom, minus the overwhelm!

Use a Planner

Use a Planner: When I say “use” I mean to fill a planner out and actually look at it. Daily. I am currently using a personalized Plum Paper planner, (say that pfive ptimes pfast), and I love it. However, any planner will work!
I like this planner because you can customize it however you wish. I have the first box reserved for Tripp and that’s where I’ll write what I have planned for him that day! This is important to me because I like to plan at least one activity for us to do each day.Not to say this always happens but for me, it’s more of a possibility if I write it down.

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Color Code

During the first week of the semester, I will print out my syllabus from each class and then fill out my panner with due dates for everything. I use a different color pen for each course, and that same color matches the course in Canvas as well as my planner and dry erase board in my home office. One of my old co-workers introduced this to me and it has been life changing!

Here is a screenshot example of what my college Canvas looks like. I’ve assigned each course it’s own color so that it shows up on my calendar and agenda in that color.

Dry Erase Board

This was my husband’s idea because he’s kind of brilliant and has always been a little OCD. Keep a dry erase board with your assignments on it where you will visually see it every day. This is where the color coding comes in handy! When you fill out your planner for the month, do the same thing with your dry erase board. This may seem time-consuming, but when life gets hectic you’ll appreciate the backup reminders. Organizing life when your a full-time student and mom means writing things down.

Are you a mom heading back to college? I’d love to hear from you!