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I remember when we were w a i t i n g forever on the Lord to answer our prayers to get pregnant. Our patience was running thin. Very, very thin. This verse kept sneaking up on me everywhere I turned.

John 13:7

“Jesus answered and said to him “What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after t h i s.”

I am not the most patient person. If I want something done, I won’t wait for help, I’ll just do it myself. When I want to know something, I will find the information I need.

Different circumstances throughout the past several years have taught me that life doesn’t work on MY timeline. God doesn’t always operate at the speed I wish He would.

There is always a bigger lesson to be learned or areas of our life where we have room for growth. These are often made clearer through the times when trials and tribulations come our way. I am full of anxiety about Tripp’s strabismus surgery, and if it will even be successful or not.

There is a reason for everything, and even if we don’t understand that reason right now, I know that we will one day. At nearly 30 I’m still learning patience. Who knew?