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Last month I started reading the book of Job. The little argument I had with God when I felt like he was telling me to take on this difficult book in the Bible is all starting to make sense.

Three Fridays ago we found out my sister has breast cancer. Her exact words to me were “I have breast cancer. God works in mysterious ways.” (Which was followed by uncontrollable sobbing from both of us, between taking turns saying “this is SO stupid!”)

Last Friday I watched her chop her hair off before the chemo got the chance, and today she starts her first round of chemo.
She has been so steadfast and strong – honestly her bravery has blown my mind every step of the way. 

I think our first reaction when faced with tough situations is to run from God because maybe our faith is weak and we’re not sure if He will actually come through for us. Job knew it, and we have to know it too. Life is going to wear us down. There will be moments where fear and worry totally overwhelm us, but if we cling to God – He will always be faithful to bring us through.

When everything around Job fell, his faith stood strong. I’m starting to see a lot of Job like qualities in my big sister & I couldn’t be more proud of her.