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What if this is the “great revival” white christians have been praying for and saying we need? Except most of us are going to miss it the same way a lot of people missed seeing that Jesus was the Messiah (Mark 6:1-6) because we’re too busy looking the other way or focusing on the wrong things and believing lies about our brothers and sisters in Christ. And that’s exactly what the enemy wants. I’m no theologian but I don’t think my (non-white) Jesus stands for our white supremacy, our white privilege (yes, WP exists), white dominance or our white tears when it comes to being uncomfortable about our racism/favoritism/bias/prejudice problem. 

We tell our Black neighbors to “just forget about slavery, it was hundreds of years ago..” And in the same breath scream for our statues to stand “because it’s our history and we have to remember it…” The hypocrisy gives me whiplash. 

What if all these confusing feelings we have were put there on purpose to stir our souls and convict us to see our collective sin we’ve been sitting in systemically since we brutally ran the Native Americans off their land and hauled in boat loads of our melanated brothers and sisters in Christ and renamed them as slaves. Our hearts are like stone when they should be like clay when it comes to things we don’t understand or don’t want to understand, especially when it affects others…and it all boils down to a lack of love for our neighbors – which is one of the greatest commandments we have (Mark 12:30-31). 

Tomorrow is Juneteenth. If you aren’t sure what the significance of that date is then google it and research it.

We need to read and learn and pray to understand how to love better. ♥️